10 Tips for the Introverted SAHM

I was dreading returning to Amman after Piopio was born. For probably the last two weeks we were in the U.S., any time I would think about leaving, I would cry.Part of it was knowing I would really miss my family. We lived with my sister and brother-in-law for three-and-a-half months; their house in VirginiaContinue reading “10 Tips for the Introverted SAHM”

I Started a Dot Journal

You might be thinking, WTF is a dot journal and why should I start one? Luckily, one of my favorite bloggers has already covered that: A bullet [aka dot] journal is good for: People who have a million little to-do lists floating around People who like pen and paper to-do lists People who are intoContinue reading “I Started a Dot Journal”

Four-Year Blogiversary

I promise I’m still writing. It’s just been a month or so. I’ve been kind of busy. So busy that I almost forgot my annual blog anniversary (or “blogiversary”) post. Today my blog is four years old.As was the case when I marked my first, second and third blogiversaries, a lot has happened in the lastContinue reading “Four-Year Blogiversary”

Spanish Friday: El Aniversario de Mi Blog

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Empecé mi blog hace tres años. Cada año me ha traído muchos cambios y nuevas experiencias en mi vida. Este año pasado era lo mismo. Kail y yo salimos de El Salvador. Llegamos a Afganistán. Empecé un nuevo trabajo. Recibimos nuestro próximo país de destino: Amman, Jordania. ViajamosContinue reading “Spanish Friday: El Aniversario de Mi Blog”

Two-Year Blogiversary

My blog is two years old! As was the case when I marked my first blogiversary last year, a lot has happened in the last year: I started a new job. I turned 30. We bid on — and received — our onward assignment. I got a job at our next post. We spent our secondContinue reading “Two-Year Blogiversary”

Thoughts on Being a Trailing Spouse

My blog friend Jessie (whom I have actually met in real life) recently wrote a wonderful article for the American Foreign Service Journal about being a trailing spouse (or, in today’s more politically correct lingo, an adult eligible family member, AEFM). Her take, in brief: It’s hard.Oh you know, just sitting around baking all day.

{Writing} Cadejo Brewing Company

I seem to be carving out a freelance writing niche: Salvadoran breweries. Around the same time my DRAFT Magazine article on Brew Revolution was published, I interviewed David Falkenstein, co-founder and general manager of Cadejo Brewing Company. Yesterday, I published a blog post about it on the Huffington Post: Brewing Local Pride.