Thinking About Jordan

I haven’t written much about Jordan, other than that we’re moving there. I mentioned I applied for some jobs. I also wrote about trying to learn Arabic.The truth is: I haven’t had much to update since Kail got his assignment after bidding within our first two weeks of arriving to Kabul. We were glad to get ourContinue reading “Thinking About Jordan”

Advice for Future Foreign Service Spouses

One positive thing that has come from my blog (other than meeting friends on the internet) has been the occasional opportunity to help future Eligible Family Members (EFMs) and Members of Household (MOHs) — in other words, future Foreign Service spouses/significant others who are contemplating or have made the decision to pack up and move around theContinue reading “Advice for Future Foreign Service Spouses”

Job Hunting, Again

Despite my intentions otherwise, during the pre-bid-submission period (all of two weeks), I did as much research as I could into life at post, including employment opportunities for EFMs. I was barely a week into my current job (even now, I’m three months in) and already it’s time to start thinking about applying for the next one.

Filing U.S. Taxes with Foreign Income

I wrote last year about our first experience filing taxes in the Foreign Service. Tax year 2013 was a bit more complicated for us since I worked for a local (Salvadoran) NGO for about eight and a half months before starting my current job with the State Department. As such, we enlisted the help of aContinue reading “Filing U.S. Taxes with Foreign Income”

Thoughts on Being a Trailing Spouse

My blog friend Jessie (whom I have actually met in real life) recently wrote a wonderful article for the American Foreign Service Journal about being a trailing spouse (or, in today’s more politically correct lingo, an adult eligible family member, AEFM). Her take, in brief: It’s hard.Oh you know, just sitting around baking all day.

Staying Present

Right now, I am trying not to think about Afghanistan. We still have several months left to enjoy in El Salvador. I’m not letting myself think about what to pack and consumables shipments and wardrobe decisions and the million other questions I know I will have as we get closer to our arrival date. I am tryingContinue reading “Staying Present”

Happy Thanksgiving! I don’t write a lot about work on my blog, but I wanted to share this video about the embassy’s Thanksgiving program, which I managed this year. Around minute 3:00 you will see footage of Kail and me leading a cooking demonstration — in Spanish! There is also a short interview during which IContinue reading “Happy Thanksgiving!”

Kabul, Confirmed

I accepted a job in Kabul so it looks like we are definitely both going to Afghanistan for our next tour. I wouldn’t say I’m excited per se — not the same way I was really looking forward to moving to El Salvador (albeit with a mix of nervousness and anticipation). But I do think theContinue reading “Kabul, Confirmed”

Spanish Friday: Tráfico

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.La semana pasada, en mi primer día de trabajar en mi nuevo empleo, empezó un enorme proyecto de construcción en la Carretera Panamericana.El Diario de Hoy tuvo una doble página sobre el caos que resultó de la construcción.