Izalco Volcano Hike

I hiked that.Our trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park re-inspired me to explore El Salvador’s volcanoes. So over the recent long weekend (Washington’s Birthday, for all you non-federal-government employees out there), Kail and I hiked the intimidatingly steep and rocky Izalco Volcano.

Reto del Volcán | San Salvador

Conquistadores del volcán.Kail and I ran an 18 kilometer race up the San Salvador Volcano yesterday. It was, as the name of the race — Reto del Volcán — implies, a challenge. It wasn’t as difficult as the last Reto del Volcán we ran, a 21 kilometer race on the Santa Ana Volcano, but it was tough.

San Salvador Volcano

Volcano crater.We climbed another volcano last weekend. I know, right? Yawn.The truth is, there are a lot of places in San Salvador that we haven’t been yet. Tomorrow marks our three-month Salvadoraniversary (I just made that word up), aka the three-month anniversary of our arrival to post. And there are still so many things to do!

Reto del Volcán | Volcano Challenge

On the Santa Ana Volcano overlooking Lake Coatepeque.Yesterday Kail and I ran a 21k race on the Santa Ana Volcano, or Ilamatepec, the highest volcano in El Salvador about 40 miles outside of San Salvador. The Reto del Volcán Ilamatepec was truly a challenge, as the race course took us from an elevation of about 2,000 metersContinue reading “Reto del Volcán | Volcano Challenge”

About El Salvador

Last week in Spanish class, we had to give brief presentations en español on nuestros países de destino (our destination countries). We covered the basics: geography, climate, environment, history, government, economy, culture and tourism.I actually learned quite a bit, and I thought I would share a few facts.