Restaurant Review: Los Ranchos

To celebrate Kail’s first day of work last week, we ventured out via taxi (having finally learned our home address earlier in the day) to La Gran Via, an outdoor mall in San Salvador, for dinner. We didn’t have a specific restaurant in mind, but our sponsors had taken us there our first night inContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Los Ranchos”

DC Food Bucket List Update

Wild Mushroom, Applewood-Smoked Bacon & Truffle Cream mussels at Brasserie Beck.You may recall that Kail and I have a DC food bucket list of places to eat before departing for post. As departure time is fast-approaching, I feel it’s necessary to update the list and strategize about where we want to spend our final meals in Washington,Continue reading “DC Food Bucket List Update”

Touring Washington, DC

My sister visited last week to see some sights in DC and spend some time with Kail and me before we move to El Salvador. We covered a lot of ground in the short amount of time she was here; it was fun playing DC tourist again.

Washington Photo Safari

A couple weeks ago when I was worried about how I was going to spend all my free time after Spanish ended and before we departed for post (before we received our travel orders and found out we’d be heading to El Salvador soon), I signed up for a photography workshop: Monuments and Memorials byContinue reading “Washington Photo Safari”

Pupuseria Doña Azucena

Even though we’re not in El Salvador yet, that doesn’t mean Kail and I can’t experience Salvadoran culture — particularly Salvadoran food. Specifically, the pupusa.Seeing as how there’s a national holiday in El Salvador dedicated to the pupusa, its national food, I thought it best to familiarize myself with this all-important dish. (Also, I considerContinue reading “Pupuseria Doña Azucena”

We Love Food

If you haven’t already, you might notice a bit of a food theme on this blog. My husband and I love to eat. In fact, we’re a little obsessed. We have found ourselves on more than one occasion (among different company though, so nobody knew the difference until now) in a deep discussion about theContinue reading “We Love Food”