The Western Wall in Jerusalem’s Old City.Now that I’ve caught up on our 2016 R&R to New Zealand, I’m no longer writing about things that happened more than a year ago … just a mere 11.5 months. I’ll take it.Added bonus of neglecting my blog for most of the year: I can combine two separateContinue reading “Jerusalem”

New Zealand | Christchurch Part II

Lyttleton Harbourfront.Due to my 7+ month hiatus from writing (and the fact that I was somewhat behind to begin with), I’m writing about our second New Zealand campervan adventure more than a year after it ended. So my memory is a little fuzzy. Luckily, I took scrupulous notes each day of our journey detailing whatContinue reading “New Zealand | Christchurch Part II”

New Zealand | Benmore Lake

Benmore Lake Lookout Loop.Since the earthquake altered our plans to explore some new territory on the South Island’s east coast, we decided to backtrack and revisit some places we already knew and loved: Glenorchy, Wanaka, and Lake Tekapo. I already covered our second stays in Glenorchy and Wanaka in previous posts, so I’ll pick upContinue reading “New Zealand | Benmore Lake”

New Zealand | Fortrose Cliffs

After a run and brunch in Te Anau, we set off for the Fortrose Cliffs, a beautiful freedom camping spot on the southern coast of New Zealand’s South Island. We arrived in the late afternoon, set up camp and walked around to enjoy the breathtaking views.

New Zealand | Milford Sound

Unlike our 2015 trip to New Zealand, this time around we did not get snowed out of passage to Milford Sound. (HT: When planning a campervan trip, it’s best to go not in winter.) We enjoyed the beautiful drive from Glenorchy to Milford Sound via Te Anau, and arrived to Milford Sound Lodge by mid-afternoon.

New Zealand | Glenorchy Part II (and III)

From Wanaka we headed to Glenorchy, our favorite freedom camping site from our 2015 R&R to New Zealand. Since we unexpectedly ended up staying another night on our first trip, this time we planned to camp for two nights, with nothing but the beautiful lake and snow-capped mountains to keep us company.And some wine.

New Zealand | Wanaka

Lake Wanaka.Wanaka wasn’t meant to be a destination in and of itself — merely a waypoint en route to the next place on our itinerary, Glenorchy, which we visited on our 2015 trip and ended up being our favorite freedom camping spot. But once we got to Wanaka and realized how beautiful it is and how muchContinue reading “New Zealand | Wanaka”

Singapore, New Zealand & Australia: By the Numbers

In November, Kail and I took a monthlong R&R to Singapore, New Zealand and Australia (not to be confused with our three-week R&R to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore in 2015). I plan to make annual excursions to New Zealand. Kail disagrees — something about it being “too expensive” and “bank-account-draining.” Pffft.We’ll just have to move there. BecauseContinue reading “Singapore, New Zealand & Australia: By the Numbers”

Jordan | Jerash

Despite having lived in Jordan for more than a year, there are quite a few archaeological sites and tourist attractions Kail and I have yet to visit. I visited Jerash for work a couple months after moving here (USAID funded the renovation of the Jerash Visitor Center as part of our broader support to Jordan’s tourism sectorContinue reading “Jordan | Jerash”

Lebanon | Beirut

Byblos Port.I used to be the kind of person who planned detailed itineraries well in advance of vacations (in addition to being the kind of person who blogged regularly). I would have spreadsheets — spreadsheets! — with tabs listing all possible options for flights, hotels, dive packages, day tours, campervan rentals, you name it.