Spanish Friday: El Reto del Ciclismo

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.El fin de semana pasado tuvimos un reto del ciclismo: andar en bicicleta por cuatro horas, y hacer 100 millas. Cualquier persona que cumplió todo recibirá una camiseta.Las camisetas.

That Time I Taught a Spinning Class

My history with group fitness classes has been spotty at best. At my gym in DC, I would go to a spinning class once in a blue moon. I would go to yoga about as often. In El Salvador, I was equally as (un)committed. I had a good stretch where I was going to morning spinningContinue reading “That Time I Taught a Spinning Class”

Spinning at Maya Country Club

Source.In an effort to vary up my workout routine, I’ve gone to spinning class a couple times at the Maya Country Club. We have a membership to the club through the commissary, which for you non-Foreign-Service folk is a store at the embassy where you can buy food, booze and other items that aren’t available onContinue reading “Spinning at Maya Country Club”