Consumables Shopping: Afghanistan Edition

A selection of our preferred consumable items.We had our consumables packout last week. We’re sending 760 pounds of personal hygiene and beauty products, cleaning supplies, snacks, nonperishable foods and other goods to Afghanistan. This is separate from the roughly 600+ pounds of clothes and housing items we shipped directly from El Salvador.

The Perfect Travel Bag

My blog has a strange niche. It’s a Foreign Service blog, but written from the EFM perspective. It’s 85 percent travel blog, 10 percent lifestyle writing and 5 percent food- and cooking-focused. Regular readers of my blog know that from time to time, I share recipes. I’ve even been known to dabble in restaurant reviews, craftingContinue reading “The Perfect Travel Bag”

Spanish Friday: Compras de Navidad

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Ya casi he completado todo mi compras de Navidad. Usualmente hago compras en línea, pero en algunos casos — especialmente para mi familia y amigos en los Estados Unidos — quiero darles algo salvadoreño o centroamericano. Una tarjeta de regalo es el último recurso.Kail tieneContinue reading “Spanish Friday: Compras de Navidad”

Things You Can’t Buy in El Salvador

I recently returned from a trip to DC and, as is customary among Foreign Service folk, stuffed my suitcases with random items ranging from bourbon to dry shampoo. In my nine months living in El Salvador, I’ve found that I can purchase most things I need locally — either in local grocery stores, markets and malls or atContinue reading “Things You Can’t Buy in El Salvador”

Mercado Merliot

My dislike of running errands has been well documented. This includes grocery shopping. Usually Kail and I will make a trip to PriceSmart every 2-3 weeks and stock up on meats, dry/canned goods, paper products and other household items. For fresh fruits and vegetables, we send our empleada to a local market every couple weeks.But sometimes veryContinue reading “Mercado Merliot”

El Árbol de Dios

One of El Salvador’s most famous artists, Fernando Llort, has a studio and shop called El Árbol de Dios, not far from our house. Llort is known for his colorful, abstract style and for his un-artist-like practice of sharing his style of painting with other Salvadorans in order to teach them a skill so theyContinue reading “El Árbol de Dios”