Semana Santa in Costa Rica

Since Thursday and Friday were holidays in El Salvador for Semana Santa, Kail and I took advantage of the long weekend for a trip to Costa Rica. We did a little hiking, a little ziplining, a little scuba diving and a lot of having an amazing time.

Filadelfia Coffee Resort

View of the Volcán de Agua from Filadelfia Coffee Resort.I mentioned last week that I returned to Antigua for Semana Santa. In booking our hotel for this trip, I was worried because everyone told me Antigua is packed for Holy Week — and they were right.

Semana Santa in Antigua

Incense burning during a Holy Week procession in Antigua, Guatemala.I returned to Antigua for Semana Santa last week with my sister, Rachel, who was visiting from the U.S. I loved Antigua when Kail and I visited before, but this experience was indescribable.

Spanish Friday: Hermanas

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Mi hermana, Rachel, está visitándome esta semana. Disfrutamos eventos culturales regionales para Semana Santa. Es su primera visita a Centroamérica y la primera vez que nos hemos visto desde que me mudé a El Salvador.Hermanas!