Memorial Day Weekend in Roatán

Paraíso.Kail and I spent Memorial Day weekend in paradise, also known as Roatán, Honduras. Because why wouldn’t we go on vacation a week before we’re scheduled to depart El Salvador? We had already visited one of Honduras’s Bay Islands, Utila, a couple weeks before, and I was excited to see what Roatán has to offer. The answer: A lot.

Diving with a GoPro

Since I bought my GoPro a few weeks ago, I’ve put it to the test: first the pool at Barra de Santiago, then I took it to Costa Rica for Semana Santa, where it went on a cloud forest tour, ziplining and — most exciting of all to date — buceo. I was super-excited about taking myContinue reading “Diving with a GoPro”

Buceo | Advanced Open Water Divers

Black durgon (triggerfish).Not long after we became official PADI open water divers, we signed up for the advanced open water course, basically one level up from being an open water diver, with the biggest benefit being the ability to dive up to like 100+ feet (the limit for open water divers is 60 feet).

Semana Santa in Costa Rica

Since Thursday and Friday were holidays in El Salvador for Semana Santa, Kail and I took advantage of the long weekend for a trip to Costa Rica. We did a little hiking, a little ziplining, a little scuba diving and a lot of having an amazing time.

Buceo | Open Water Dives

Kail and I completed our first two open water dives over the weekend at Lago Ilopango. We are now just two dives away from being certified open water divers!Diving in a lake is definitely different than “diving” in a pool. Or rather, the experience of breathing underwater, equalizing (to prevent pressure from building up inContinue reading “Buceo | Open Water Dives”

Buceo | Confined Water Dive

Kail and I completed our first (and only) confined water dive on Saturday. It was very exciting. Even though we were only in a pool (and for half of that time, in water shallow enough to stand in), I was a little bit nervous. Because, you know, the whole breathing-under-water thing.

Spanish Friday: Buceo

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Ya nos inscribimos para las clases del buceo. Y tomamos nuestra primera clase (instrucción en el aula) esta semana. Te dije que queríamos tomarlas — y cuando tenga una meta, la logro!Aletas.