Notes from the Field: El Salvador

Today I’m over at The New Diplomat’s Wife, where Ania is featuring El Salvador in this edition of her Notes from the Field series. I’ve been reading Ania’s blog since before we embarked on our FS journey and had been meaning to ask about a Salvadoran edition of Notes from the Field once we wereContinue reading “Notes from the Field: El Salvador”

Mi Casa Kids Beach Day

Mi Casa Kids and volunteers.Kail and I volunteered as chaperones for a beach outing Saturday for children at Mi Casa International, an orphanage in Santa Tecla. I use the term “volunteer” loosely since basically we spent the day at the beach playing with adorable Salvadoran children. And taking our own turns going down cool waterContinue reading “Mi Casa Kids Beach Day”

Buceo | Confined Water Dive

Kail and I completed our first (and only) confined water dive on Saturday. It was very exciting. Even though we were only in a pool (and for half of that time, in water shallow enough to stand in), I was a little bit nervous. Because, you know, the whole breathing-under-water thing.

San Salvador City Tour

San Salvador Cathedral, from the backseat of a car, with the window rolled up because I was afraid someone would steal my camera.The nice part about having visitors — in addition to spending time with those near and dear to us — is that it gives us an excuse to do all the touristy thingsContinue reading “San Salvador City Tour”

Pollo Campero Christmas Fireworks

On Saturday night, Pollo Campero — the famous fried chicken establishment beloved by all Salvadorans — held its annual Christmas fireworks show at Estadio Cuscatlán. And while we didn’t head down to the stadium to see the action up front (probably not RSO-approved), we did have a great view from the terrace of our apartmentContinue reading “Pollo Campero Christmas Fireworks”

Interview: Being a Non-Foreign Service Expat in El Salvador

I know my blog makes expat life as a Foreign Service wife sound glamorous and exciting. It is, and it isn’t. Certainly, living in El Salvador has its perks. Living here and being affiliated with the Foreign Service does as well. But what about all those other expats out there, brought to El Salvador byContinue reading “Interview: Being a Non-Foreign Service Expat in El Salvador”