Notes from the Field: El Salvador

Today I’m over at The New Diplomat’s Wife, where Ania is featuring El Salvador in this edition of her Notes from the Field series. I’ve been reading Ania’s blog since before we embarked on our FS journey and had been meaning to ask about a Salvadoran edition of Notes from the Field once we wereContinue reading “Notes from the Field: El Salvador”

Spanish Friday: Escritorio, Toma Dos

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.La última vez que compré los muebles del lado de la carretera, me di cuenta de que yo no solo había comprado los muebles, pero las termitas también. Pero esto no impidió mi búsqueda para un escritorio hecho a medida.Photo credit.

El Carmen Estate

As I’ve mentioned before, I love coffee. But up until last week, I hadn’t yet visited one of El Salvador’s many coffee fincas. I enjoyed my stay at Filadelfia Coffee Resort in Antigua and decided that, since we’re coming up on our one-year anniversary of moving to El Salvador, it was high time I checked out someContinue reading “El Carmen Estate”

Road Trip to Ahuachapán

Pasaje La Concordia during the saint’s festival in Ahuachapán.As I mentioned earlier this week, Kail and I drove the Ruta de Las Flores again last weekend on a road trip to Ahuachapán. Our Salvadoran friends (the ones whose Christmas party we showed up to super-early — they still like us) invited us to spend the weekend at their family’sContinue reading “Road Trip to Ahuachapán”

Ruta de Las Flores

View of the Santa Ana Volcano, Izalco and the Coatepeque Caldera from the Ruta de Las Flores.A couple weekends ago Kail and I made an excursion to the western part of the country along the Ruta de Las Flores, which El Salvador’s Ministry of Tourism describes as “a pleasant corridor which goes through one of theContinue reading “Ruta de Las Flores”