Reto del Volcán | San Salvador

Conquistadores del volcán.Kail and I ran an 18 kilometer race up the San Salvador Volcano yesterday. It was, as the name of the race — Reto del Volcán — implies, a challenge. It wasn’t as difficult as the last Reto del Volcán we ran, a 21 kilometer race on the Santa Ana Volcano, but it was tough.

That Time I Registered for a Race and Didn’t Run It

I have developed a bad habit of signing up for races and not running them. I did it with the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler this year (and in years past), and with a local beach run a couple weeks before that. And let’s not forget St. Patrick’s Day, when I downgraded from a 10k to aContinue reading “That Time I Registered for a Race and Didn’t Run It”

St. Patrick’s Day in El Salvador

We didn’t even go inside Bennigan’s, but we wanted to take advantage of the photo-op.Perhaps unsurprisingly, St. Patrick’s Day is not really a major holiday in El Salvador. And by “holiday” I mean excuse to day drink excessively. There are a couple Irish restaurants/bars, but it’s nothing like in the States, where bar crawls and paradesContinue reading “St. Patrick’s Day in El Salvador”

Spanish Friday: Publicidad Engañosa

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Antes del medio maratón el fin de semana pasado, tuve que comprar Gu (gel de energía) para tomar durante la carrera. Yo había visto una tienda se llama “Maratón” en el camino al trabajo y finalmente fui a verla.Naturalmente, yo creía que una tienda queContinue reading “Spanish Friday: Publicidad Engañosa”

Completed: Half Marathon in El Salvador

For the scrapbook! All the races here have nice finisher medals.On Sunday I ran the YOAMOES Medio Maratón in 2:05:30. Well technically it was only 21 kilometers, which is 13.0488 miles, slightly shorter than an actual half marathon distance of 13.1 miles. But who’s counting?I didn’t beat my previous personal record of 1:51 but I’m justContinue reading “Completed: Half Marathon in El Salvador”

Spinning at Maya Country Club

Source.In an effort to vary up my workout routine, I’ve gone to spinning class a couple times at the Maya Country Club. We have a membership to the club through the commissary, which for you non-Foreign-Service folk is a store at the embassy where you can buy food, booze and other items that aren’t available onContinue reading “Spinning at Maya Country Club”

The Pros and Cons of Being a Working EFM

I wrote about the pros and cons of being a non-working EFM last fall, and now that I’ve been working full time for a month, I thought it was high time to dispense additional wisdom to the internets — this time, from my perspective as a working EFM.All that shopping? On our vacation to Antigua?Continue reading “The Pros and Cons of Being a Working EFM”

Parque del Bicentenario

View of the San Salvador Volcano from Parque del Bicentenario.As I predicted, one of the biggest adjustments to life in San Salvador is the inability to walk and run around outside. Due to security and safety reasons (both crime- and traffic-related), it’s just not something you do here — at least not very easily (andContinue reading “Parque del Bicentenario”