RRB in the Philippines | Zubuchon

Lechon from Zubuchon.Anthony Bourdain called it the “best pig … ever!” And Zubuchon has been a money-making machine ever since. Kail and I did go there twice in two days, our last two days in Cebu. And that’s why I said there were unknown quantities of pork consumed on our trip to the Philippines.

RRB in the Philippines | Plantation Bay Resort and Spa

Paradise.In Cebu, we stayed on Mactan Island, a resort island just outside Cebu City. While our stay in Mactan was motivated primarily by the nearby Oslob whale shark snorkeling tours, it was also motivated by the abundance of utopian resorts.

RRB in the Philippines | Snorkeling with Whale Sharks

When we were planning our trip to the Philippines, I knew we wanted to build in some beach time. The question was: Where? I initially thought Borocay or Palawan, two of the more popular tourist beaches. We finally settled on Mactan Island in Cebu — and a big reason was because of its proximity to Oslob,Continue reading “RRB in the Philippines | Snorkeling with Whale Sharks”

RRB in the Philippines | Baguio

Mines View Park.After some family time and sightseeing in Manila, we headed on a road trip to Baguio with one of our colleagues who happened to be home visiting family at the same time we were in the Philippines for our RRB. Baguio, the “summer capital of the Philippines,” is about 150 miles by road outside Manila, aContinue reading “RRB in the Philippines | Baguio”

RRB in the Philippines | By the Numbers

Kail and I took our third RRB (regional rest break) to the Philippines. It wasn’t an ordinary vacation. It was my first trip to the Philippines in 30 years. I was born there, but when I was one year old, my family immigrated to the United States. It took three decades, but I finally made itContinue reading “RRB in the Philippines | By the Numbers”