Restaurant Review: La Pampa

One of our favorite restaurants here in El Salvador is La Pampa, an Argentinian-style steakhouse with locations throughout San Salvador and elsewhere. In fact, it’s our go-to spot for date night (yeah, we have “date nights”) and first-night-in-town dinner for visitors.La punta jalapeña.

Restaurant Review: Típicos Margoth

We’ve lived in El Salvador for more than eight months and have tried our share of comida típica, traditional Salvadoran food: tortillas, pupusas, tamales, casamiento, etc. We’ve even ventured out to the food festival in Juayua. But we hadn’t been to one of San Salvador’s most well known traditional restaurants, Típicos Margoth, until recently. Típicos Margoth: CarneContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Típicos Margoth”

Restaurant Review: Laca Laca

It’s been a while since I’ve posted a restaurant review. But it’s not for lack of dining out. It occurred to me recently that I haven’t written about any of our favorite restaurants in San Salvador, period. Well that’s about to change, starting with today’s review of Laca Laca Taquería Mexicana.Laca Laca is one of my favorite restaurantsContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Laca Laca”

Restaurant Review: La Hola Beto’s

Now that we have our car, we’re getting out a lot more. One of these outings recently took us to La Hola Beto’s, a local chain of seafood restaurants. We’ve actually been twice in recent weeks: the first time with our friends who drove us, and the second time on our own with my friendContinue reading “Restaurant Review: La Hola Beto’s”

Restaurant Review: Los Ranchos

To celebrate Kail’s first day of work last week, we ventured out via taxi (having finally learned our home address earlier in the day) to La Gran Via, an outdoor mall in San Salvador, for dinner. We didn’t have a specific restaurant in mind, but our sponsors had taken us there our first night inContinue reading “Restaurant Review: Los Ranchos”