The Chicken Guy

One thing I love about living in Frankfurt is the plethora of farmers’ markets. Several days a week, there’s a farmers’ market a short walk or a few subway stops from where we live. We do most of our food shopping at the grocery store, but sometimes it’s fun to browse among the vendors’ stallsContinue reading “The Chicken Guy”

Recipe: Paleo Granola

I don’t follow a paleo diet. After reading Gary Taubes’s “Why We Get Fat: And What to Do About It” a couple years ago, I modified my eating habits and mostly adhered to a carbohydrate-restricted diet (no bread, pasta, most grains, white rice, potatoes, etc.) that was higher in proteins and fats.Over the course ofContinue reading “Recipe: Paleo Granola”

Recipe: Easy Nutella Cookies

A friend departed post recently, and she gifted me some leftover baking supplies. Rummaging through my kitchen cabinets trying to find some storage space (Remember all that pancake mix? It takes up a lot of space.), I stumbled upon two large jars of Nutella that I don’t even remember packing into our consumables.

Brinner | Breakfast for Dinner

Cinnamon-raisin biscuits (scones).One of our friends from El Salvador who is serving here in Kabul is departing post soon. Because we wanted to wish her farewell and make the most of the short time our tours overlap, and because we packed so much pancake mix and Bisquick into our consumables shipment, Kail and I invited her and a few friends overContinue reading “Brinner | Breakfast for Dinner”

Recipe: Chocolate-Spiced Pork Chops

My go-to easy, healthy weeknight meal is usually a baked marinated chicken breast (here in El Salvador, I vary between homemade marinades and salad dressings, but in the States I loved Wegmans‘ pre-packed, individually sealed marinated chicken breasts), couscous and some kind of steamed vegetable (usually broccoli or green beans). Quick and healthy, but notContinue reading “Recipe: Chocolate-Spiced Pork Chops”

Recipe: Seven-Layer Bars

I broke my streak and did not host a cookie exchange this year. I am disappointed but I just couldn’t get it together with a busy few weeks at work and my in-laws in town for Thanksgiving. Because it’s not just about baking cookies, but preparing tasty savory dishes, decorating and one-upping myself when itContinue reading “Recipe: Seven-Layer Bars”


Generally, I don’t believe in fruit for dessert. I like desserts that are dulce: cakes, ice cream, chocolate. Chocolate ice-cream cake. But fruit? No. That being said, I have discovered a fruit-based (and chocolate-coated) Salvadoran delicacy that is acceptable as a postre — particularly if one is trying to be calorie-conscious: chocobananos.