Project Life: Baby Book | Volume I

I’m kind of obsessed with my baby. Being a first time parent, that pretty much comes with the territory. I’m also, as you know, quite fond of memory-keeping, specifically Project Life “pocket scrapbooking.”Combine those two things and, well, you have a 12-inch by 12-inch baby book that’s full when said baby is only three monthsContinue reading “Project Life: Baby Book | Volume I”

Project Life: Jordan | Book Two

One other project I wanted to get underway before leaving for the States again was starting and updating my Project Life: Jordan | Book Two scrapbook. It took a back burner to, you know, setting up the nursery, starting Piopio’s baby book, completing book one of my Jordan scrapbooks, and updating my blog …… Not toContinue reading “Project Life: Jordan | Book Two”

Project Life: Baby Book

I’ve already gone deep into the rabbit hole of Project Life scrapbooking, so it should come as no surprise to you that I’ve already started a baby book for my soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. (I’m a nerd.) Kail got me the Baby Boy Edition Core Kit and a new 12×12 binder for my birthday birthweek (amongContinue reading “Project Life: Baby Book”

Project Life: Jordan | Book One Completed

Oh, hello. It’s been a minute since I last wrote. Seven months and some change, to be more precise.In lieu of an “update post” in which I list every major life change and what I’ve been up to since April, I thought I’d just jump right in and resume a semi-regular posting schedule. We’ll catchContinue reading “Project Life: Jordan | Book One Completed”

Project Life: Afghanistan | Completed

Our first shipment arrived a couple weeks ago– our HHE from Afghanistan, which included not only essentials such as our coffee maker and other kitchen implements but our printer and my scrapbooking supplies! After unpacking, my first task was to complete my Project Life: Afghanistan scrapbook.

Project Life: Afghanistan | The Beginning

Now that I’ve finally finished my El Salvador scrapbook, it’s time to get started on Project Life: Afghanistan, in keeping with my goal of creating a scrapbook per Foreign Service tour. We’ve only been here for just over a month, and I had been doubting whether there would be much to scrapbook about given that I never leave the compound.

Project Life: El Salvador | Completed

While I was excited about the arrival of our coffee maker (and good coffee) and the rest of our things, one of the things I was most looking forward to unpacking was my El Salvador scrapbook. I got caught up to date in March and worked on it throughout the spring, adding things like buceo, our Semana Santa tripContinue reading “Project Life: El Salvador | Completed”

Project Life: El Salvador | Up to Date

I have completed my El Salvador scrapbook, also known as Project Life, to date. It only took me about two months to get caught up on nearly a year and a half of my life. I even have our R&R in Hawaii and our recent hiking adventure on the Izalco volcano in there.