My First Lesson in Parenting

My first lesson in parenting happened before Piopio was even born. It happened before I went into labor, during my 38-week doctor’s appointment, when I was told labor would be induced the following week. My birth plan — along with months and months of reading about natural pain relief techniques, learning about the best positionsContinue reading “My First Lesson in Parenting”

The Saddest Children’s Book Ever

Throughout my pregnancy, I’ve tried to regularly read aloud to Piopio. Sometimes it’s the news or whatever book I happened to be reading that day. We also received a few children’s books as gifts and have purchased additional ones.Kail bought “The Little Prince” as a Christmas gift for Piopio and me. I had read itContinue reading “The Saddest Children’s Book Ever”

Jordan | Aqaba

After two years of living in Jordan, I finally made it to Aqaba, a city in southern Jordan on the Red Sea. Kail and I had talked about going for a long time. There are a lot of nice resorts and scuba diving centers.It’s been almost three years since we went diving (since our tripContinue reading “Jordan | Aqaba”

Home Leave | Virginia Beach

Post-5k race.After a few days apart in Michigan and California, Kail and I spent the last portion of our home leave visiting my sister and brother-in-law in Virginia Beach. Kail stayed for a week before heading back to Amman, but I was able to enjoy an extra two and a half weeks with my family.

Home Leave | Michigan

From Fredericksburg, we headed to Michigan to spend a couple weeks with Kail’s family. At this point, we were two weeks into our home leave. On the agenda: a trip to Frankenmuth, Michigan State football, our niece’s and nephew’s soccer and football games, Jordanian cooking, and lots of relaxing and spending time with family.Perhaps most ofContinue reading “Home Leave | Michigan”

Project Life: Baby Book

I’ve already gone deep into the rabbit hole of Project Life scrapbooking, so it should come as no surprise to you that I’ve already started a baby book for my soon-to-arrive bundle of joy. (I’m a nerd.) Kail got me the Baby Boy Edition Core Kit and a new 12×12 binder for my birthday birthweek (amongContinue reading “Project Life: Baby Book”

Coming Soon: Diplobaby

In two months and some change, Kail and I will become parents to our very own diplobaby boy. We’re so excited and already in love with this little person we have yet to meet.I can’t even explain what my happiness has felt like throughout my pregnancy. (I mean, I could make an attempt, given that I’mContinue reading “Coming Soon: Diplobaby”