RRB in Nepal | Food

Momos (Nepalese dumplings). I ate 17 of these over the course of our trip.While our nine-course Nepali dinner at Krishnarpan was the culinary highlight of our RRB in Nepal, we had some darn good meals during the rest of our trip. True, my enthusiasm for the food may have had more to do with being compound-bound since our arrival toContinue reading “RRB in Nepal | Food”

RRB in Nepal | Gurkha Museum

One thing both Kail and I were looking forward to seeing in Pokhara — other than the mountains — was the Gurkha Memorial Museum. While Kail has a strong interest in military history, I wanted to visit the museum because we live and work alongside Gurkhas every day: They help protect the embassy compound in Afghanistan.

RRB in Nepal | Lake Fewa

One good thing about getting up early to watch the sunrise is that it leaves plenty of time the rest of your day for other activities. Since we had hiked a few hours the day before, we wanted to take it easy and explore some of Pokhara’s non-hiking/trekking activities. A boat ride on Lake Fewa was theContinue reading “RRB in Nepal | Lake Fewa”

RRB in Nepal | Temple Tree Resort

For our trip to Pokhara, our friend Melisa recommended staying at the Temple Tree Resort and Spa. I love me a spa (remember those five massages?), so I was instantly sold. Maybe one day we’ll brave the experience that is trekking, but for now, I’m content to be a luxury hiker.

RRB in Nepal | Sunrise Over Fishtail Mountain

One of the must-do activities in Pokhara (other than trekking and paragliding in which we did partake is watching the sun rise over Fishtail Mountain, a peak on the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas so named because of its fishtail shape. While we opted for the mini-hike version, even if you aren’t into waking up at 4:00Continue reading “RRB in Nepal | Sunrise Over Fishtail Mountain”