RRB in Nepal | Temple Tree Resort

For our trip to Pokhara, our friend Melisa recommended staying at the Temple Tree Resort and Spa. I love me a spa (remember those five massages?), so I was instantly sold. Maybe one day we’ll brave the experience that is trekking, but for now, I’m content to be a luxury hiker.

RRB in Nepal | Sunrise Over Fishtail Mountain

One of the must-do activities in Pokhara (other than trekking and paragliding in which we did partake is watching the sun rise over Fishtail Mountain, a peak on the Annapurna Range of the Himalayas so named because of its fishtail shape. While we opted for the mini-hike version, even if you aren’t into waking up at 4:00Continue reading “RRB in Nepal | Sunrise Over Fishtail Mountain”

RRB in Nepal | Hiking in Pokhara

So I didn’t really understand the difference between “hiking” and “trekking” prior to our recent trip to Nepal. When I would tell people we were planning to take our first RRB in Nepal, they would always ask one of two questions, sometimes both: “Are you going trekking?” And “Are you going paragliding?” My replies were,Continue reading “RRB in Nepal | Hiking in Pokhara”

RRB in Nepal | By the Numbers

We just returned from a wonderful trip to Nepal, our first RRB (regional rest break) — one of five (five!) vacations we’ll take during our tour in Afghanistan. I’ll have a lot of posts and pictures to share in the coming weeks (hey, gotta spread out the material until our next trip) but I wanted to share some ofContinue reading “RRB in Nepal | By the Numbers”