RRB in Nepal | Canoe Ride & Jungle Walk

Our last full day in Chitwan, we went on a canoe ride and jungle walk, followed by a visit to the elephant breeding center. The long canoes are carved out of a single tree and, with small moveable chairs placed one behind the other, can seat up to 20 people.

RRB in Nepal | Bathing Elephants

When I was researching the Chitwan portion of our trip to Nepal, I saw that elephant bathing was one of the activities listed in the Green Park Chitwan packages. In my head, I pictured myself seated atop an elephant, a bucket in one hand and a big old brush in the other, scrubbing the friendly creatures clean.

RRB in Nepal | Tharu Village

Rice harvest.The afternoon we arrived in Chitwan, we were taken on an oxcart tour of a nearby village, home to the Tharu people, an indigenous group in southern Nepal. Of all the activities organized by our hotel (we booked one of the common four-day, three-night packages, which I’ll write about in a separate post), this was the probably the oneContinue reading “RRB in Nepal | Tharu Village”

RRB in Nepal | Gurkha Museum

One thing both Kail and I were looking forward to seeing in Pokhara — other than the mountains — was the Gurkha Memorial Museum. While Kail has a strong interest in military history, I wanted to visit the museum because we live and work alongside Gurkhas every day: They help protect the embassy compound in Afghanistan.

RRB in Nepal | Lake Fewa

One good thing about getting up early to watch the sunrise is that it leaves plenty of time the rest of your day for other activities. Since we had hiked a few hours the day before, we wanted to take it easy and explore some of Pokhara’s non-hiking/trekking activities. A boat ride on Lake Fewa was theContinue reading “RRB in Nepal | Lake Fewa”