Spanish Friday: ¡Adiós, El Salvador!

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Querido El Salvador,Me voy. Después de un año y nueve meses — no suficiente tiempo — me voy para el próximo capítulo de la vida en el extranjero. Estoy dejando un país lindo, una gente tan amable y unas memorias inolvidables.

Packout: Salvadoran Edition

Six suitcases and 105 boxes contain almost all the possessions Kail and I own (a few things are in permanent storage in DC). The six suitcases and 20 boxes (about 330 pounds of UAB and 300 pounds of HHE) will be coming with us to Afghanistan, while the remaining 85 boxes (some 2,800 pounds) will be heading toContinue reading “Packout: Salvadoran Edition”

Packout Prep: Salvadoran Edition

Our packout is this week. Kail and I have spent a couple hours a day over the last two weeks sorting and organizing and labeling and donating and yes, tossing. This is our first post, which means we just went through this whole rigamarole of paring down before moving here. We haven’t even lived in ElContinue reading “Packout Prep: Salvadoran Edition”

Kabul, Confirmed

I accepted a job in Kabul so it looks like we are definitely both going to Afghanistan for our next tour. I wouldn’t say I’m excited per se — not the same way I was really looking forward to moving to El Salvador (albeit with a mix of nervousness and anticipation). But I do think theContinue reading “Kabul, Confirmed”

Things You Can’t Buy in El Salvador

I recently returned from a trip to DC and, as is customary among Foreign Service folk, stuffed my suitcases with random items ranging from bourbon to dry shampoo. In my nine months living in El Salvador, I’ve found that I can purchase most things I need locally — either in local grocery stores, markets and malls or atContinue reading “Things You Can’t Buy in El Salvador”

Interview: Packout Prep

It’s almost summer transfer season, when employees and their families are departing from and arriving to post seemingly every week. And while we’ve only been at post six months and have a long way to go before we even think about bidding, much less leaving, I know onward assignments and packouts are on a lotContinue reading “Interview: Packout Prep”

Foreign Service Social Sponsors

Kail and I have decided to be social sponsors for a couple arriving to post this summer. For those of you non-Foreign Service people, all new arrivals to the U.S. Embassy — whether you are with the State Department, USAID, Department of Justice or other government agency/military unit that is part of the U.S. missionContinue reading “Foreign Service Social Sponsors”

Introversion and Foreign Service Life

I am a strong introvert. (Perhaps not unsurprising given my penchant for making friends on the internet.) I have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator many times over the years and while my other characteristics have fluctuated, the “I” in my (current) ISFJ has remained consistent.