Costa Rica | Hotel El Establo

Despite our difficulty arriving to Monteverde, when we finally did make it up that mountain (again) to Hotel El Establo, it was well worth the trip. Hotel El Establo began like the rest of Monteverde, with the settlement of Quakers from the U.S. during the Korean War. One family decided to convert its farm’s stable intoContinue reading “Costa Rica | Hotel El Establo”

Costa Rica | Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

I was not a “hiking person” before I met Kail — at least, I didn’t know I was. Turns out, I love a good hike. Trudging through the rain, up a rocky volcano, across a lava field — you name it. Hiking in Costa Rica‘s beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve was no exception. There is something very peaceful —Continue reading “Costa Rica | Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve”