That Other Time I Thought I Had TB

Note: I do not have tuberculosis, latent or active. However, the results of my TB skin tests — yes, tests, plural — during my health unit outbrief (and follow-up) from Kabul indicated otherwise. Specifically, they indicated I was on the positive/negative border (just under 10 millimeters induration) but somewhat inconclusive because the induration (the swollen/hardened part reacting to the test) wasn’tContinue reading “That Other Time I Thought I Had TB”

Spanish Friday: Aprobada para Afganistán

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Faltan tres meses hasta que salgamos de El Salvador. Ya estamos preparándonos para mudarnos a Afganistán. Hemos recibido unas noticias importantes en las últimas días, incluyendo mi autorización médica.Aprobada para Kabul.

That Time I Found Out I’m Allergic to Bee Stings

Which finger is twice its normal size?I got stung by a bee on my finger, and it swelled to twice its normal size. Like, I couldn’t bend it. Or straighten it. Or move it, let alone hold a pen and write or even type very well. This happened at our beach club, where, incidentally IContinue reading “That Time I Found Out I’m Allergic to Bee Stings”