CPC Mindset

A friend who served in Afghanistan a couple tours ago told me it took her about a year to get out of a “CPC mindset” — passing the time from R&R to R&R, always needing something to look forward to. (CPC stands for “Critical Priority Countries,” like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.)It’s been one year since we left Kabul andContinue reading “CPC Mindset”

Project Life: Afghanistan | Completed

Our first shipment arrived a couple weeks ago– our HHE from Afghanistan, which included not only essentials such as our coffee maker and other kitchen implements but our printer and my scrapbooking supplies! After unpacking, my first task was to complete my Project Life: Afghanistan scrapbook.

Packout: Afghanistan Edition

Fourteen boxes and 1,163 pounds later, we are packed and ready to leave Kabul. Getting organized for this packout was not as complex as previous ones, since we basically only have one shipment (HHE) going from Kabul to Amman. (Plus our four suitcases which we’ll live out of during these last few days in Kabul,Continue reading “Packout: Afghanistan Edition”

Spanish Friday: El Reto del Ciclismo

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.El fin de semana pasado tuvimos un reto del ciclismo: andar en bicicleta por cuatro horas, y hacer 100 millas. Cualquier persona que cumplió todo recibirá una camiseta.Las camisetas.

Spanish Friday: Son Las Cosas Pequeñas

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Una de mis metas para 2015 es continuar de escribir tres cosas positivas por día. Entonces yo quería compartir unos ejemplos de estas cosas pequeñitas que me ayudan sobrevivir mi pena tiempo aquí.Un rompecabezas.