That Other Time I Thought I Had TB

Note: I do not have tuberculosis, latent or active. However, the results of my TB skin tests — yes, tests, plural — during my health unit outbrief (and follow-up) from Kabul indicated otherwise. Specifically, they indicated I was on the positive/negative border (just under 10 millimeters induration) but somewhat inconclusive because the induration (the swollen/hardened part reacting to the test) wasn’tContinue reading “That Other Time I Thought I Had TB”

Fun with Vaccinations

One not-so-fun part about moving to a developing country is the myriad vaccinations you have to get to inoculate against various diseases. As soon as I figured out my regular class schedule, I dutifully scheduled an appointment for my immunizations at the FSI health unit.On the List of Posts That Require the Most Shots (Note: ThisContinue reading “Fun with Vaccinations”