Jordan House Tour | Before & After: Master Bedroom

Our virtual apartment tour comes to an end with a look at our final room: the master bedroom. By far the biggest highlight of our stuff arriving was having our own bed — especially our super-comfy pillow-top mattress.

Jordan House Tour | Before & After: Foyer & Living Room

We are 100 percent moved in. Our Kabul HHE, San Salvador/storage HHE and Virginia UAB shipments arrived, along with our car. All 101 boxes totaling 4,230 pounds are unpacked. Our clothes and linens are dry-cleaned, our photos are displayed and our artwork is hanging on the walls.

House Tour | Before & After: Guest Bedroom

No Spanish Friday today. We’ve finally arrived at the part of the house tour that you probably care most about: the guest bedroom.Before we arrived, we requested that one of the two spare bedrooms be converted into an office, which consisted of removing the bed and nightstand and adding a desk, chair and some shelves. So we wereContinue reading “House Tour | Before & After: Guest Bedroom”