Memorial Day Weekend in Roatán

Paraíso.Kail and I spent Memorial Day weekend in paradise, also known as Roatán, Honduras. Because why wouldn’t we go on vacation a week before we’re scheduled to depart El Salvador? We had already visited one of Honduras’s Bay Islands, Utila, a couple weeks before, and I was excited to see what Roatán has to offer. The answer: A lot.

Utila | Non-Diving Activities

Even though the primary purpose of our trip to Utila was buceo, there’s plenty of non-diving stuff to do. A couple people on our trip were not certified divers (although they said the trip inspired them to sign up for certification classes!), but they joined us on the boat and went snorkeling. In fact, when we swam with dolphinsContinue reading “Utila | Non-Diving Activities”

Copán, Segunda Parte

Copán Ruinas, Honduras.As I mentioned last week in my post about the Mayan ruins at San Andrés, we returned to Copán over the long weekend last month. There were a few different things about this trip, and rather than do a five-part series of posts like I did about Antigua, I thought I’d just give you theContinue reading “Copán, Segunda Parte”