Future Letter to Myself: 2016

It’s time to share my now-annual tradition of a future letter to myself — my version of New Year’s resolutions. What is a future letter to oneself? As I wrote in 2013: That’s the thing about New Year’s resolutions — sometimes it’s a one and done type of thing, like “run a marathon PR this year.” OrContinue reading “Future Letter to Myself: 2016”

2014 Intention Review: A Letter to Myself

I recently shared my 2015 future letter to myself, and now I’m sharing the outcomes of my 2014 annual letter. How much “came true”? My 2014 letter wasn’t nearly as long as my 2013 letter to myself, although 2014 was a year of many significant changes in my life, along with the joys and challenges that always accompany such changes.