Costa Rica | Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve

I was not a “hiking person” before I met Kail — at least, I didn’t know I was. Turns out, I love a good hike. Trudging through the rain, up a rocky volcano, across a lava field — you name it. Hiking in Costa Rica‘s beautiful Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve was no exception. There is something very peaceful —Continue reading “Costa Rica | Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve”

Semana Santa in Costa Rica

Since Thursday and Friday were holidays in El Salvador for Semana Santa, Kail and I took advantage of the long weekend for a trip to Costa Rica. We did a little hiking, a little ziplining, a little scuba diving and a lot of having an amazing time.

Izalco Volcano Hike

I hiked that.Our trip to Hawaii Volcanoes National Park re-inspired me to explore El Salvador’s volcanoes. So over the recent long weekend (Washington’s Birthday, for all you non-federal-government employees out there), Kail and I hiked the intimidatingly steep and rocky Izalco Volcano.

Camping at Parque Nacional El Imposible

I went on my second Salvadoran camping adventure — and my second “real” camping trip, ever — last weekend at Parque Nacional El Imposible. It was really fun, even with the torrential downpours that left us and all of our belongings anywhere from damp to soaked. This despite the fact that Parque Nacional El ImposibleContinue reading “Camping at Parque Nacional El Imposible”

Parque del Bicentenario

View of the San Salvador Volcano from Parque del Bicentenario.As I predicted, one of the biggest adjustments to life in San Salvador is the inability to walk and run around outside. Due to security and safety reasons (both crime- and traffic-related), it’s just not something you do here — at least not very easily (andContinue reading “Parque del Bicentenario”

Camping Near Parque Nacional Montecristo

Kail and I went camping on Saturday near Parque Nacional Montecristo, close to the El Salvador-Guatemala border. We weren’t actually camping in the national park (which I hear is amazing), but on privately-owned land belonging to a foundation attempting to preserve the area along the border (arguably more amazing than the national park).View from nearContinue reading “Camping Near Parque Nacional Montecristo”