Antigua, Tercera Parte

Antigua.I took my third trip to Antigua, Guatemala with our visitors from the States. We were only there for a couple days, but we managed to fit in a lot of sightseeing, shopping and, of course, eating. Our friends even took a chocolate-making class at Choco Museo.The highlights, though, were staying at Hotel Casa SantoContinue reading “Antigua, Tercera Parte”

Filadelfia Coffee Resort

View of the Volcán de Agua from Filadelfia Coffee Resort.I mentioned last week that I returned to Antigua for Semana Santa. In booking our hotel for this trip, I was worried because everyone told me Antigua is packed for Holy Week — and they were right.

Semana Santa in Antigua

Incense burning during a Holy Week procession in Antigua, Guatemala.I returned to Antigua for Semana Santa last week with my sister, Rachel, who was visiting from the U.S. I loved Antigua when Kail and I visited before, but this experience was indescribable.

Antigua: Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm

It’s like a ball pit, only with macadamia nuts. And we couldn’t jump in it.Our last morning in Antigua, after breakfast and before picking up the chocolate we Kail made, we visited Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm, about 15 minutes outside of central Antigua.

Antigua: Where to Sleep & Eat

Casa Santo Domingo.Last week I wrote about things to see in Antigua, Guatemala; today’s post is about where to sleep and, more importantly, eat. THE place to stay in Antigua is the Casa Santo Domingo, a former convent and current hotel, restaurant, museum and archaeological site all in one.

Antigua: Things to See

Volcán de Agua from Cerro de la Cruz.As you might have guessed from yesterday’s Wordless Wednesday post, Kail and I took a long weekend trip to Antigua, Guatemala recently. I love Antigua — its beautiful Spanish colonial architecture, its amazing views, its delicious and diverse restaurants, its shopping.