That Other Time I Thought I Had TB

Note: I do not have tuberculosis, latent or active. However, the results of my TB skin tests — yes, tests, plural — during my health unit outbrief (and follow-up) from Kabul indicated otherwise. Specifically, they indicated I was on the positive/negative border (just under 10 millimeters induration) but somewhat inconclusive because the induration (the swollen/hardened part reacting to the test) wasn’tContinue reading “That Other Time I Thought I Had TB”

Filing U.S. Taxes with Foreign Income

I wrote last year about our first experience filing taxes in the Foreign Service. Tax year 2013 was a bit more complicated for us since I worked for a local (Salvadoran) NGO for about eight and a half months before starting my current job with the State Department. As such, we enlisted the help of aContinue reading “Filing U.S. Taxes with Foreign Income”

Filing Taxes in the Foreign Service

What’s the deal with taxes?Kail and I finally filed our taxes last week — the latest I have ever filed my taxes (I’m not one to procrastinate). A little known fact (well, little known on the interwebs): Kail and I met while working at a tax policy organization in DC. Romantic, right?

We Got Our Travel Orders

If all goes according to plan [knocks on wood], we will be living in El Salvador before the end of the month. The countdown has begun.Our packout has been scheduled. Plane tickets are hopefully being purchased today or tomorrow. Within a couple hours of receiving our travel orders yesterday, I had submitted my application forContinue reading “We Got Our Travel Orders”

Truth and Lies in Spanish

It is hard to believe I am already at the halfway point of my Spanish education at FSI. Next week I have my evaluation, which is basically like a mock test session. Oh yeah — I don’t think I have mentioned that I am able to take the exam and receive an ILR score. And my examContinue reading “Truth and Lies in Spanish”

Fun with Vaccinations

One not-so-fun part about moving to a developing country is the myriad vaccinations you have to get to inoculate against various diseases. As soon as I figured out my regular class schedule, I dutifully scheduled an appointment for my immunizations at the FSI health unit.On the List of Posts That Require the Most Shots (Note: ThisContinue reading “Fun with Vaccinations”