Spanish Friday: El Medio Ambiente

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.He reanudado las clases de español en la embajada. Yo no había estado tomándolas después que mi profesora anterior se mudó a Guatemala. Empecé esta semana y ya me siento mejor con mis habilidades.Tortuga golfina.

Spanish Friday: Clases de Español

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.La semana próxima, voy a empezar clases de español en la embajada. Hay un programa de idioma aquí en San Salvador donde los empleados y sus esposas pueden tomar clases. También, los empleados salvadoreños pueden tomar clases de inglés. No sé si es igual alrededorContinue reading “Spanish Friday: Clases de Español”

San Salvador So Far

The clouds roll in over San Salvador every afternoon during rainy season.Our first few days in San Salvador have been terrific. Our sponsors are fabulous and made the transition of our first couple days as smooth as possible. Our apartment is amazing and has beautiful views of San Salvador that I already bragged about in my lastContinue reading “San Salvador So Far”

Spanish Friday: Me Gradué de FSI

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Yo tomé mi examen español ayer. Yo recibí una nota de 3 en hablante y 3 en lectura en la escala de ILR. En otras palabras, yo tengo una competencia profesional general.¡Estoy muy contenta! Esto va a ayudarme a encontrar un trabajo al puesto.Cuándo yo tuveContinue reading “Spanish Friday: Me Gradué de FSI”

Does Rosetta Stone Really Work?

I had my six-week progress evaluation last week to see how my Spanish is coming along. I am estimated to be a 2/2+, or a 2 in speaking (limited working proficiency) and a (weak) 2+ in reading (between limited working proficiency and professional working proficiency) according to the ILR scale.Although anything with the word “limited”Continue reading “Does Rosetta Stone Really Work?”

Truth and Lies in Spanish

It is hard to believe I am already at the halfway point of my Spanish education at FSI. Next week I have my evaluation, which is basically like a mock test session. Oh yeah — I don’t think I have mentioned that I am able to take the exam and receive an ILR score. And my examContinue reading “Truth and Lies in Spanish”

Making Friends in San Salvador

As you know, I like to try to plan everything — and friendships are no exception. The funny thing about friendships and relationships in general is that they cannot be planned. Sure, you can “put yourself out there” and join as many clubs as you can and attend as many social gatherings as you canContinue reading “Making Friends in San Salvador”

Just a Spouse

It was kind of strange returning to work after getting married and reintroducing myself to everyone — coworkers, clients — with my married name. Stranger still is the experience of meeting new people who haven’t known me as anything but my husband’s wife.Sure, anyone who changes her name must go through this identity change onContinue reading “Just a Spouse”

Guest Post: Kail Passes His Spanish Test

Kail passed his Spanish test this week! He now speaks Spanish with professional working proficiency.I’ve written about my experiences trying to learn Spanish — with Rosetta Stone and now at the Foreign Service Institute — but I thought it might be better for you to hear from someone who has actually been successful at learningContinue reading “Guest Post: Kail Passes His Spanish Test”

About El Salvador

Last week in Spanish class, we had to give brief presentations en español on nuestros países de destino (our destination countries). We covered the basics: geography, climate, environment, history, government, economy, culture and tourism.I actually learned quite a bit, and I thought I would share a few facts.