Interview: Being a Non-Foreign Service Expat in El Salvador

I know my blog makes expat life as a Foreign Service wife sound glamorous and exciting. It is, and it isn’t. Certainly, living in El Salvador has its perks. Living here and being affiliated with the Foreign Service does as well. But what about all those other expats out there, brought to El Salvador byContinue reading “Interview: Being a Non-Foreign Service Expat in El Salvador”

Introversion and Foreign Service Life

I am a strong introvert. (Perhaps not unsurprising given my penchant for making friends on the internet.) I have taken the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator many times over the years and while my other characteristics have fluctuated, the “I” in my (current) ISFJ has remained consistent.

Spanish Friday: Amigas

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Hasta el fin de semana pasado, yo no había salido sin Kail desde que llegamos a El Salvador. Me refiero salir, como a una fiesta o un bar o club. Por lo general, estamos invitados a eventos juntos — y está bien, porque estamos unaContinue reading “Spanish Friday: Amigas”

Making Friends in San Salvador

As you know, I like to try to plan everything — and friendships are no exception. The funny thing about friendships and relationships in general is that they cannot be planned. Sure, you can “put yourself out there” and join as many clubs as you can and attend as many social gatherings as you canContinue reading “Making Friends in San Salvador”

Tennis, Anyone?

I start tennis lessons next week through Arlington County Parks & Rec: six hour-and-fifteen-minute lessons over as many weeks. I signed up for the beginner’s level because, well, it’s been a while since I’ve played a sport that requires serious hand-eye coordination (I don’t count summer think-tank league softball, which for our team was moreContinue reading “Tennis, Anyone?”

Raising Third-Culture Children: The Other Side

Many of my fellow Foreign Service bloggers have children and are raising them in the typical nomadic FS lifestyle. Many others in the Foreign Service don’t have children (myself included) but will probably have them one day. Signing up for this lifestyle requires taking a hard look at how this will affect not only youContinue reading “Raising Third-Culture Children: The Other Side”

First-Post Tips for a Trailing Spouse: Part Two

ICYMI: Yesterday I posted Part One of “First Post Tips for A Trailing Spouse” with Dani at Hot Pot, who is preparing for Post No. 2 in New Delhi, India. She recently launched a new blog series, “Life Lessons from Overseas: Things I Learned as a ‘Diplomat’s’ Wife,” based on her first post in Chengdu,Continue reading “First-Post Tips for a Trailing Spouse: Part Two”