Home Leave | California

Kail stayed behind in Michigan while I headed to the Berkeley area in Northern California to visit my friend Catherine, who had moved there from Washington earlier in the year. Catherine and I have been friends since college way back when — and a lot has change since. She now has two little ones, andContinue reading “Home Leave | California”

Home Leave | Washington & Fredericksburg

Kail and I went to the U.S. on home leave over the summer. Jordan is our first four-year assignment (technically two two-year assignments), and it was the first time we took home leave in the middle of a tour, as opposed to in between assignments.In some ways, middle-of-tour home leave is less relaxing, because KailContinue reading “Home Leave | Washington & Fredericksburg”

Thanksgiving in Kabul

Kail and I were supposed to spend Thanksgiving at a big dinner with friends and colleagues, but circumstances beyond my control meant I had to miss the celebration entirely. I was kind of bummed, but I still managed to enjoy the DFAC‘s finest Thanksgiving lunch and, most importantly, prepare our contribution to the potluck. Also, I got toContinue reading “Thanksgiving in Kabul”

Brinner | Breakfast for Dinner

Cinnamon-raisin biscuits (scones).One of our friends from El Salvador who is serving here in Kabul is departing post soon. Because we wanted to wish her farewell and make the most of the short time our tours overlap, and because we packed so much pancake mix and Bisquick into our consumables shipment, Kail and I invited her and a few friends overContinue reading “Brinner | Breakfast for Dinner”

Spanish Friday: Pupusas en Afganistán

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Yo no creía que comería las pupusas en Afganistán pero me sorprendía. No las comí en la cafetería pero en la casa de unos amigos que vivían en El Salvador con nosotros y están aquí en Kabul.Pupusas de frijol con queso, con curtido y salsa roja.

Spanish Friday: Despedirnos

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Ni Kail ni yo nos gusta festejar a nosotros mismos. Tampoco estar en el centro de la atención. (Nuestra boda fue la única excepción, pero todavía me sentía un poco ansiosa con todos los ojos en mí.) No planeábamos tener una despedida, pero cuando nuestra amigaContinue reading “Spanish Friday: Despedirnos”