{Writing} Cadejo Brewing Company

I seem to be carving out a freelance writing niche: Salvadoran breweries. Around the same time my DRAFT Magazine article on Brew Revolution was published, I interviewed David Falkenstein, co-founder and general manager of Cadejo Brewing Company. Yesterday, I published a blog post about it on the Huffington Post: Brewing Local Pride.

Spanish Friday: ¡Viva la Revolución!

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.No, esto no es una entrada política. Es sobre mi primer articulo publicado en una revista: “Unexpected beer spot: El Salvador,” de la edición de marzo/abril 2013 de DRAFT Magazine.Andy Newbom, co-fundador y dueño de Brew Revolution.

Freelance Writing Abroad

(Photo credit)The question I dread most when I tell people I am moving to El Salvador because my husband is in the Foreign Service is, “What are you going to be doing?” I know people are just curious and genuinely want to know. I know I am projecting my own career- and identity-related insecurities ontoContinue reading “Freelance Writing Abroad”