That Time I Lived in a CHU

On Thanksgiving, I had to spend the night in a containerized housing unit (CHU), commonly referred to as a “hooch.” I was heading to Cairo and, for reasons I won’t get into here, I had to depart (via helicopter!) earlier than expected and spend the night in my very own modified shipping container.

Afghanistan Arrival

Drexel Heritage furniture, how I’ve missed you.Kail and I arrived safely to Afghanistan last week. It’s been a whirlwind first few days in country, what with the long journey, jetlag, various orientations/check-in processes and trying to meet our colleagues and neighbors, learn our way around and, oh yeah, dive into work. We’re adapting, slowly but surely.

House Tour | Before & After: Guest Bedroom

No Spanish Friday today. We’ve finally arrived at the part of the house tour that you probably care most about: the guest bedroom.Before we arrived, we requested that one of the two spare bedrooms be converted into an office, which consisted of removing the bed and nightstand and adding a desk, chair and some shelves. So we wereContinue reading “House Tour | Before & After: Guest Bedroom”

House Tour | Before & After: Office

Right now I’m sitting at my command center, aka my dual-monitored desk in my our home office. (But it really is mine, because if I’m at home and I’m not asleep, I’m usually in here.) The office is by far my favorite room in the house. This is where I do all my writing, blogging, photo-editing,Continue reading “House Tour | Before & After: Office”

House Tour | Before & After: Master Bedroom

In continuation with my house tour, I’m skipping Wordless Wednesday this week. Today I’m taking you into the master bedroom, which probably has had the most drastic before-and-after change since we swapped out our embassy-issued bed for our own bed and DIY headboard. Master bedroom, before.

House Tour | Before & After: Kitchen & Dining Room

This is the second in a series of posts touring our apartment in San Salvador. Yesterday, I showed you around our living room, along with the entryway and patio. Today, we’ll take a look around arguably the most important areas of our home: the kitchen and dining room.

House Tour | Before & After: Living Room

Welcome to our home in San Salvador. At long last, our apartment is sufficiently ready for public viewing.The arrival of our HHE more than a month ago was only the first step. We had to then unpack, organize, decorate and of course, reorganize. And finally, this week, the curtains we had ordered were delivered and hung.