Home Leave | Filipino Breakfast

Since Kail joined the Foreign Service, any time we’ve gone back to the U.S., we have found it difficult to moderate our diets. We’re so excited to experience our favorite — or even non-favorite but simply nostalgia-inducing — foods and restaurants that our clothes are fitting a bit tighter by the end of our trip.

RRB in the Philippines | Zubuchon

Lechon from Zubuchon.Anthony Bourdain called it the “best pig … ever!” And Zubuchon has been a money-making machine ever since. Kail and I did go there twice in two days, our last two days in Cebu. And that’s why I said there were unknown quantities of pork consumed on our trip to the Philippines.

RRB in the Philippines | Binulo

On our way back to Manila from Baguio, we stopped at the former Clark Air Base to have dinner at Binulo, which serves Kapampangan-style Filipino food. As I mentioned before, this was one of the best meals we had on the entire 10-day trip — Kail’s favorite.