My Second Stitch Fix

I recently received my second Stitch Fix order. I have a lot of work staples (suits, dresses, pencil skirts and slacks) but not a lot of casual clothes (workout attire and sweats notwithstanding). For this Fix I was specifically looking for “non-sleeveless tops” (i.e. not camisoles or shells) that I could wear both under suit jackets and cardigansContinue reading “My Second Stitch Fix”

My First Stitch Fix

I’ve been intrigued by the idea of Stitch Fix — an online shopping service through which “personal stylists” hand-pick specific items for customers — for a while. I finally pulled the trigger and received my first Fix in the mail.Now that I’m going to be working in a professional, non-conflict zone environment, my wardrobe could use a little refreshing.Continue reading “My First Stitch Fix”

The Perfect Travel Bag

My blog has a strange niche. It’s a Foreign Service blog, but written from the EFM perspective. It’s 85 percent travel blog, 10 percent lifestyle writing and 5 percent food- and cooking-focused. Regular readers of my blog know that from time to time, I share recipes. I’ve even been known to dabble in restaurant reviews, craftingContinue reading “The Perfect Travel Bag”

{Writing} Fashionable Travel Shoes

Today I’m over at Travel Fashion Girl writing about fashionable travel shoes. They exist. Prior to moving abroad, I wanted to make sure that I had some comfortable, non-nerdy travel shoes. You know what I’m talking about: Something more substantial than a flip-flop but not quite into sneaker/hiking-boot territory. Read more about fashionable travel shoes. AndContinue reading “{Writing} Fashionable Travel Shoes”