Brinner | Breakfast for Dinner

Cinnamon-raisin biscuits (scones).One of our friends from El Salvador who is serving here in Kabul is departing post soon. Because we wanted to wish her farewell and make the most of the short time our tours overlap, and because we packed so much pancake mix and Bisquick into our consumables shipment, Kail and I invited her and a few friends overContinue reading “Brinner | Breakfast for Dinner”

Recipe: Chocolate-Spiced Pork Chops

My go-to easy, healthy weeknight meal is usually a baked marinated chicken breast (here in El Salvador, I vary between homemade marinades and salad dressings, but in the States I loved Wegmans‘ pre-packed, individually sealed marinated chicken breasts), couscous and some kind of steamed vegetable (usually broccoli or green beans). Quick and healthy, but notContinue reading “Recipe: Chocolate-Spiced Pork Chops”

Spanish Friday: Nochebuena

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Kail y yo invitamos a unos amigos para cenar en nuestra casa la víspera de la Navidad. Después, miramos a los fuegos artificiales a la medianoche de la terraza de nuestro edificio, donde tenemos una vista linda de la ciudad entera.Fuegos artificiales encima de San Salvador.

Our Second Thanksgiving in El Salvador

It’s been a week and I’m sufficiently recovered from Thanksgiving overindulgence that it’s OK for me to be writing this post today. This Thanksgiving marked our second Thanksgiving in El Salvador. It was also our second Thanksgiving in the Foreign Service and our second Thanksgiving as a married couple.The biggest milestone: It was the first ThanksgivingContinue reading “Our Second Thanksgiving in El Salvador”

Recipe: Mom’s Apple Cake

This recipe for Mom’s Apple Cake is another Smitten Kitchen classic, featured in both the cookbook and on the blog. I made this a couple weeks ago when I was on a baking spree. In search of the perfect dessert to wow our dinner guests, I flagged a few recipes to test out.Well I endedContinue reading “Recipe: Mom’s Apple Cake”

Recipe: Ghirardelli Brownie Cookies

Not long ago Kail and I had our first guests over for dinner since arriving to post. We invited our friends, another USAID couple, because although they got to San Salvador a week or so before us, they had been living in temporary housing. So we thought they might appreciate a home-cooked meal.