Notes from the Field: El Salvador

Today I’m over at The New Diplomat’s Wife, where Ania is featuring El Salvador in this edition of her Notes from the Field series. I’ve been reading Ania’s blog since before we embarked on our FS journey and had been meaning to ask about a Salvadoran edition of Notes from the Field once we wereContinue reading “Notes from the Field: El Salvador”

Project Life: El Salvador | Completed

While I was excited about the arrival of our coffee maker (and good coffee) and the rest of our things, one of the things I was most looking forward to unpacking was my El Salvador scrapbook. I got caught up to date in March and worked on it throughout the spring, adding things like buceo, our Semana Santa tripContinue reading “Project Life: El Salvador | Completed”

Spanish Friday: ¡Adiós, El Salvador!

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Querido El Salvador,Me voy. Después de un año y nueve meses — no suficiente tiempo — me voy para el próximo capítulo de la vida en el extranjero. Estoy dejando un país lindo, una gente tan amable y unas memorias inolvidables.

Buceo | Advanced Open Water Divers

Black durgon (triggerfish).Not long after we became official PADI open water divers, we signed up for the advanced open water course, basically one level up from being an open water diver, with the biggest benefit being the ability to dive up to like 100+ feet (the limit for open water divers is 60 feet).

Gatorade Beach Run

I ran the Gatorade Beach Run organized by Run El Salvador on Saturday at La Costa del Sol. The race started at 4:00 p.m. It was HOT.I finished in 31:34 — not my fastest 5k by any means but pretty good considering it was on a Salvadoran beach in the middle of the afternoon. AlsoContinue reading “Gatorade Beach Run”

I Got a GoPro! got a GoPro and I love it. I tested it out over the weekend on another road trip to Barra de Santiago. The video above was shot and edited using just my GoPro and iPhone. Amazing! It is super-easy to use and the GoPro App (I have the iPhone version but there’s one forContinue reading “I Got a GoPro!”