Navigating the Transfer Process as an EFM

Our life for the past two months.Moving to a new post — otherwise known as Permanent Change of Station (PCS) — is never easy. Yes, we have movers who pack everything for us and a house/apartment/shipping container in which to live. And yes, it’s on the government’s dime. But the process is not without its stresses.

Thoughts on Being a Trailing Spouse

My blog friend Jessie (whom I have actually met in real life) recently wrote a wonderful article for the American Foreign Service Journal about being a trailing spouse (or, in today’s more politically correct lingo, an adult eligible family member, AEFM). Her take, in brief: It’s hard.Oh you know, just sitting around baking all day.

Staying Present

Right now, I am trying not to think about Afghanistan. We still have several months left to enjoy in El Salvador. I’m not letting myself think about what to pack and consumables shipments and wardrobe decisions and the million other questions I know I will have as we get closer to our arrival date. I am tryingContinue reading “Staying Present”

Interview: Packout Prep

It’s almost summer transfer season, when employees and their families are departing from and arriving to post seemingly every week. And while we’ve only been at post six months and have a long way to go before we even think about bidding, much less leaving, I know onward assignments and packouts are on a lotContinue reading “Interview: Packout Prep”