Home Leave | Washington & Fredericksburg

Kail and I went to the U.S. on home leave over the summer. Jordan is our first four-year assignment (technically two two-year assignments), and it was the first time we took home leave in the middle of a tour, as opposed to in between assignments.In some ways, middle-of-tour home leave is less relaxing, because KailContinue reading “Home Leave | Washington & Fredericksburg”

Happy Birthday, Kail!

Our transfer to/from Kabul sort of got in the way of properly celebrating Kail’s Birthweek this year and last. This year the celebration has spanned much longer than a week, with some gifts given in time for our packout from Kabul and others awaiting us at my parents’ house in Virginia, where I shipped them so they couldContinue reading “Happy Birthday, Kail!”

Fourth of July in the Nation’s Capital

Baseball. America.Even though we were sad to leave El Salvador earlier than originally planned, one benefit is that we were able to spend Fourth of July in the U.S. — and not just anywhere, but in the Nation’s Capital: Washington, DC.

DC Food Tour

Roasted Duck “Low & Slow” from District Commons.As I mentioned, I spent about two weeks in Washington, DC and Virginia. I had been looking forward to this trip for a long time — basically since we arrived to San Salvador. Sure, there was the chance to catch up with family and friends, a wedding andContinue reading “DC Food Tour”