Recipe: Cincinnati Chili

I know I’m getting acclimated to Salvadoran weather because I do things like put on sweatshirt as soon as the sun goes down and the temperature drops below 70 degrees. Last weekend I met some people to run at 5:30 a.m. The sun wasn’t up yet and it was maybe 65 degrees. I wrapped myContinue reading “Recipe: Cincinnati Chili”

A Taste of Home

Something about cooking just makes a place feel more like home.Saturday night I made my first home-cooked meal in San Salvador: spaghetti bolognese (it was actually just ground beef sautéed with garlic and a jar of Classico pasta sauce, but “bolognese” sounds better) and caesar salad (romaine with store-bought dressing).But still — I felt likeContinue reading “A Taste of Home”

First-Post Tips for a Trailing Spouse: Part Two

ICYMI: Yesterday I posted Part One of “First Post Tips for A Trailing Spouse” with Dani at Hot Pot, who is preparing for Post No. 2 in New Delhi, India. She recently launched a new blog series, “Life Lessons from Overseas: Things I Learned as a ‘Diplomat’s’ Wife,” based on her first post in Chengdu,Continue reading “First-Post Tips for a Trailing Spouse: Part Two”

Entertaining as a Foreign Service Wife

My husband and I have received many generous engagement and wedding gifts. Like all newlyweds excited about finally having matching place settings, serveware and table linens, we are looking forward to hosting friends and family for dinner in the coming months.