El Carmen Estate

As I’ve mentioned before, I love coffee. But up until last week, I hadn’t yet visited one of El Salvador’s many coffee fincas. I enjoyed my stay at Filadelfia Coffee Resort in Antigua and decided that, since we’re coming up on our one-year anniversary of moving to El Salvador, it was high time I checked out someContinue reading “El Carmen Estate”

Filadelfia Coffee Resort

View of the Volcán de Agua from Filadelfia Coffee Resort.I mentioned last week that I returned to Antigua for Semana Santa. In booking our hotel for this trip, I was worried because everyone told me Antigua is packed for Holy Week — and they were right.

Semana Santa in Antigua

Incense burning during a Holy Week procession in Antigua, Guatemala.I returned to Antigua for Semana Santa last week with my sister, Rachel, who was visiting from the U.S. I loved Antigua when Kail and I visited before, but this experience was indescribable.

That Time I Spent $90 on Coffee

We’re new to this whole Foreign Service/living abroad thing. So right now, we feel like every time we make a trip home, we need to come bearing gifts. I’m sure this feeling wears off over time.Since our first trip to the States is coming up soon, we had to stock up on some regalos. And whatContinue reading “That Time I Spent $90 on Coffee”

Copán, Segunda Parte

Copán Ruinas, Honduras.As I mentioned last week in my post about the Mayan ruins at San Andrés, we returned to Copán over the long weekend last month. There were a few different things about this trip, and rather than do a five-part series of posts like I did about Antigua, I thought I’d just give you theContinue reading “Copán, Segunda Parte”

A Taste of Home

Something about cooking just makes a place feel more like home.Saturday night I made my first home-cooked meal in San Salvador: spaghetti bolognese (it was actually just ground beef sautéed with garlic and a jar of Classico pasta sauce, but “bolognese” sounds better) and caesar salad (romaine with store-bought dressing).But still — I felt likeContinue reading “A Taste of Home”