Two-Year Blogiversary

My blog is two years old! As was the case when I marked my first blogiversary last year, a lot has happened in the last year: I started a new job. I turned 30. We bid on — and received — our onward assignment. I got a job at our next post. We spent our secondContinue reading “Two-Year Blogiversary”

Niagara Falls

My Canadian vacation came to a close with a weekend in Niagara Falls, Ontario (with the aforementioned mistaken stop on the wrong side of the border). I had never been to Niagara Falls — New York or Canada — previously, and I enjoyed the opportunity to see such a famous Canadian American landmark.

Kingston Trolley Tours

Since I spent a lot of time by myself in Kingston, I played the ultimate tourist. I already mentioned the bike rental, kayaking and touring Fort Henry. I also spent a full day on a hop-on-hop-off Kingston Trolley Tour. And I mean full day: I got on the first trolley at 10 a.m. and hopped offContinue reading “Kingston Trolley Tours”

Poutine, or Canadian Food

Poutine.Long before I arrived in Kingston, Ontario, Kail was providing regular updates about the food scene. “I had the best sushi last night,” he would say. Or, “Kingston has a Five Guys!” he would write excitedly in an email. I already knew Kingston had at least two German restaurants, a Greek place, lots of AsianContinue reading “Poutine, or Canadian Food”

Spanish Friday: Francés

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Canadá tiene dos idiomas oficiales: inglés y francés. Ví en mi viaje que todas las señales fueron escritos en las dos lenguajes. Estudié francés en la escuela secundaria y en la universidad, pero no recuerdo nada.Sí, un museo penitenciaría. Escribiré sobre esto más tarde.

Outdoor Activities in Kingston, Ontario

As I mentioned earlier in the week, Kingston, Ontario is full of things to do outdoors: walking, running, biking, kayaking, sailing, you name it. I definitely took advantage of these opportunities and the relative safety and freedom with which I was able to get around.