New Zealand | Glenorchy Part II (and III)

From Wanaka we headed to Glenorchy, our favorite freedom camping site from our 2015 R&R to New Zealand. Since we unexpectedly ended up staying another night on our first trip, this time we planned to camp for two nights, with nothing but the beautiful lake and snow-capped mountains to keep us company.And some wine.

New Zealand | Glenorchy & Queenstown

Lake Tekapo was our second-favorite part of our New Zealand campervan adventure, but Glenorchy was hands-down the highlight of our entire R&R to Australia, New Zealand and Singapore. We loved it so much, we changed our original plans so we could stay an extra night.

New Zealand | Campervan Adventure

Freedom camping in Glenorchy (South Island).After an awesome five days in Sydney, we embarked on the true highlight of our R&R in Australia, New Zealand and Singapore: 10 days in a campervan, exploring New Zealand’s North and South Islands. We rented the Breeze 2 through Wilderness Motorhomes and would highly recommend them to anyone planning a similar trip to New ZealandContinue reading “New Zealand | Campervan Adventure”

Camping at Parque Nacional El Imposible

I went on my second Salvadoran camping adventure — and my second “real” camping trip, ever — last weekend at Parque Nacional El Imposible. It was really fun, even with the torrential downpours that left us and all of our belongings anywhere from damp to soaked. This despite the fact that Parque Nacional El ImposibleContinue reading “Camping at Parque Nacional El Imposible”

Camping Near Parque Nacional Montecristo

Kail and I went camping on Saturday near Parque Nacional Montecristo, close to the El Salvador-Guatemala border. We weren’t actually camping in the national park (which I hear is amazing), but on privately-owned land belonging to a foundation attempting to preserve the area along the border (arguably more amazing than the national park).View from nearContinue reading “Camping Near Parque Nacional Montecristo”