Four-Year Blogiversary

I promise I’m still writing. It’s just been a month or so. I’ve been kind of busy. So busy that I almost forgot my annual blog anniversary (or “blogiversary”) post. Today my blog is four years old.As was the case when I marked my first, second and third blogiversaries, a lot has happened in the lastContinue reading “Four-Year Blogiversary”

Spanish Friday: El Aniversario de Mi Blog

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Empecé mi blog hace tres años. Cada año me ha traído muchos cambios y nuevas experiencias en mi vida. Este año pasado era lo mismo. Kail y yo salimos de El Salvador. Llegamos a Afganistán. Empecé un nuevo trabajo. Recibimos nuestro próximo país de destino: Amman, Jordania. ViajamosContinue reading “Spanish Friday: El Aniversario de Mi Blog”

Two-Year Blogiversary

My blog is two years old! As was the case when I marked my first blogiversary last year, a lot has happened in the last year: I started a new job. I turned 30. We bid on — and received — our onward assignment. I got a job at our next post. We spent our secondContinue reading “Two-Year Blogiversary”