Four-Year Blogiversary

I promise I’m still writing. It’s just been a month or so. I’ve been kind of busy. So busy that I almost forgot my annual blog anniversary (or “blogiversary”) post. Today my blog is four years old.As was the case when I marked my first, second and third blogiversaries, a lot has happened in the lastContinue reading “Four-Year Blogiversary”

Advice for Future Foreign Service Spouses

One positive thing that has come from my blog (other than meeting friends on the internet) has been the occasional opportunity to help future Eligible Family Members (EFMs) and Members of Household (MOHs) — in other words, future Foreign Service spouses/significant others who are contemplating or have made the decision to pack up and move around theContinue reading “Advice for Future Foreign Service Spouses”

Spanish Friday: El Aniversario de Mi Blog

Today is Spanish Friday: Blog post in Spanish; English translation below.Empecé mi blog hace tres años. Cada año me ha traído muchos cambios y nuevas experiencias en mi vida. Este año pasado era lo mismo. Kail y yo salimos de El Salvador. Llegamos a Afganistán. Empecé un nuevo trabajo. Recibimos nuestro próximo país de destino: Amman, Jordania. ViajamosContinue reading “Spanish Friday: El Aniversario de Mi Blog”

Notes from the Field: El Salvador

Today I’m over at The New Diplomat’s Wife, where Ania is featuring El Salvador in this edition of her Notes from the Field series. I’ve been reading Ania’s blog since before we embarked on our FS journey and had been meaning to ask about a Salvadoran edition of Notes from the Field once we wereContinue reading “Notes from the Field: El Salvador”

Two-Year Blogiversary

My blog is two years old! As was the case when I marked my first blogiversary last year, a lot has happened in the last year: I started a new job. I turned 30. We bid on — and received — our onward assignment. I got a job at our next post. We spent our secondContinue reading “Two-Year Blogiversary”

New Blog Look + Social Networks

Despite all the repeated warnings, I foolishly let my Google Reader disappear into oblivion without backing up any of my subscriptions onto another service (like Feedly, which I use now). This necessitated some searching of the interwebs to remember all the blogs and sites I had followed so I could resubscribe. Life is hard.