CPC Mindset

A friend who served in Afghanistan a couple tours ago told me it took her about a year to get out of a “CPC mindset” — passing the time from R&R to R&R, always needing something to look forward to. (CPC stands for “Critical Priority Countries,” like Afghanistan, Iraq and Pakistan.)It’s been one year since we left Kabul andContinue reading “CPC Mindset”

Next Post: Amman, Jordan

Source: CIA World Factbook.We are going to Amman, Jordan for our next post! It will be a four-year tour (technically two two-year assignments with home leave in between).Kail only submitted bids to four assignments, and Amman was No. 1. We would have been happy with any of them so the only downside would have been not getting placed this roundContinue reading “Next Post: Amman, Jordan”

El Salvador: As Good as it Gets?

I started to write this post several months ago in the fall, when we were bidding. I never hit publish because I was hesitant to talk about our bidding process while it was still underway. By the time we learned of our assignment, I had too many other things to say about Afghanistan that myContinue reading “El Salvador: As Good as it Gets?”