Thailand | Bangkok & Chiang Rai

2016 was a year of a LOT of travel: Muscat; Istanbul; Barcelona; Istanbul (again), Cappadocia & Ephesus; Beirut; Rabat; and Singapore, New Zealand & Australia. 2017: Not as much.I blame credit our CPC mentality of always looking forward to the next trip. That, and disposable income that has since gone away after I stopped workingContinue reading “Thailand | Bangkok & Chiang Rai”

Thailand | Bangkok

We spent under 48 hours in Bangkok during our R&R in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia. Factoring in getting to and from the airport — along with check-in, security, immigration, baggage claim, customs and all the other logistics of international air travel — we were only in the city itself for about 36 hours. Still, we managed to see a lot,Continue reading “Thailand | Bangkok”

Thailand, Laos & Cambodia | By the Numbers

Kail and I just returned from an R&R in Thailand, Laos and Cambodia — our third of five trips during our one-year assignment in Kabul. It was a fantastic trip and felt like a true break, I think partly because it was slightly longer than our previous trips (to Nepal and the Maldives) and becauseContinue reading “Thailand, Laos & Cambodia | By the Numbers”